The Most Trending DJ Academy in India, 2021

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Magzine cover - The knowledge review

In a recent interview with our Founder, Nakul Vagale; I Love Music Academy was featured as “The Most Trending Dj Academy in India,2021” – in the December 2021 edition of “The Knowledge Review Online Magazine”

The I Love Music Academy has had a long-standing history of providing exceptional quality in its education standards and DJ Training. We are humbled to be chosen by The Knowledge Review to feature us in this edition.

The Knowledge review magazine cover- Most trending Dj academy
I Love Music Academy – The Most Trending DJ Academy in India, 2021

The cover story of the edition features the interview with Nakul Vagale.

Highlights below.

The Journey

  • 2007 Started a DJ Academy, in Bangalore  
  • 2009, re-founded the academy – Rebranded as I Love Music Academy, expanding the operation from just DJ classes to a full-fledged electronic music school.
  • 2012 launched their flagship in Delhi NCR – I Love Music Academy, Gurgaon, closing the Bengaluru branch a year later.
  • 2012 – Featured Among Top 4 Dj Institutes – Rolling Stones Magzine India
  • 2015-2018 Academic affiliations with ‘Pyramind,’ San Francisco
  • 2019 – among the 1st Ableton India Education Partner Institutes
  • March 2020 – Physical Academy closed due to Covid-19, offering only online classes in Music Production.
  • July 2021- Reopened Physical Academy on Golf course road, Gurgaon.
  • Dec 2021 – Recognised as The Most Trending Academy in India – 2021 by The Knowledge Review.

I Love Music Academy’s physical studio shut in March 2020 with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been a tough year for the music industry as well as the academy and the team. They had to make the tough calls but were able to reopen…

….The DJ academy is now open for business and is thankful for the abundant interest received. It has been noted that people are still sceptical about joining due to the nature of the pandemic. The institute wants to reassure its students that it is a safe space following all the Covid protocols.

Essence of DJing

“Anyone can learn to DJ; all you need to be able to do is count to four,” said Mr. Nakul Vagale. “But to be a ‘great DJ,’ you need to have a strong foundation, a love for music, and you need to put in a lot of work. Our DJ Course is a holistic course concentrating on the technical ability that progresses with technology. We embrace technology, but it’s not the technology that makes the DJ – it is the skill.

You cannot teach someone to DJ online. Not unless they have the equipment at home, and that would still present a lot of challenges. The DJ equipment is a big part of what learning to DJ is all about.

– Nakul Vagale

The Explosive Duo

Recollecting his journey, Nakul commented, “I strongly believe that success is a team effort and am thankful for the amazing minds that we have worked with. My team, the amazing faculty, the extraordinary musicians, and the Co-owner of the academy, my brother Arjun Vagale, have all been great support and pillars of our ongoing growth”.

Arjun Vagale ILM is the Most trending DJ Academy
“Aptly named ‘India’s Techno King,’ Arjun is a self-taught DJ himself…” DJ Academy courses are envisioned around how Arjun learned to DJ, packing in his foundation years of learning into a short, high-impact course that will give people the edge to start their journey.

Mixing it up with the pros

The DJ Academy has witnessed visits from DrumCell, Ramiro Lopez, and Christian Smith… Murthovic, Anish Sood, and Gaurav Raina (Midival Punditz), who are close friends and benefactors, and conduct workshops whenever possible. Other workshops conducted include: Josh Wink, Markus Schulz, Nene Hatun, Dualist Inquiry, Nucleya, DJ Sa, BLOT, Ashwin Mani Sharma, Kohra, and the list goes on.

“We also are supported by the industry and are thankful to CDBaby,, On-stage, Wild-city and Scoop brand holdings for their contributions over the years in various capacities with workshops, demonstrations, and content,” 

Over the years, I Love Music Academy has partnered with the most acclaimed brands in audio technology: Akai, Alesis, Lennar digital, “mastering the mix,” Native Instruments, Numark, Novation, “xfer records,” to name a few.

The esteemed faculty of I Love Music Academy is a cluster of practising/performing musicians. For instance, Manish Bhatt a.k.a. X-Fader, a highly skilled Turntablist, a seasoned hip hop DJ, and well-known commercial DJ in Delhi NCR. Manish has 23 years of experience in events, music, and entertainment, and has held residencies and several exclusive clubs in the UK (mainly London) and India (New Delhi).

Meet the Stars of a New Generation

Notable DJ students from I Love Music – DJ Academy include:

  • Raedl – Rathin Adhlaka
  • Profanaty – Nayanika
  • Hemant Wadhwani
  • Prateek Vats
  • Audiomenace – Essjay
  • Sakrel – Sagar Thakral
  • Mr. Red – Rohit Lall
  • Secular Chai – Aprajata Singh
  • Last Local – Abhishek Jaisinghani
  • Gam3 – Shubham Tyagi
  • The Sub-z Crew (Stain, Npstr, Miredo, Tanzen, and Sodhi)
  • Switchers Duo (Tarun Mishra & Pryas Makkar)
  • Turban Raga

“There are many more I would like to mention as this is an endless list. However, I would like to give special mention to a truly brave and spirited soul – Varun Khullar. Who overcame life-shattering obstacles and successfully established himself as a gifted DJ with the moniker ‘Aamish.’ We are honoured to be part of his journey. Varun is a resident DJ at Kitty-Su, Delhi and is India’s first differently-abled DJ.

ILM 2.0 – Where the Art is Inspired

I Love Music Academy’s new facility in Gurgaon relaunched recently in July 2021, post the 2nd Covid surge. A dedicated music studio in Sec 55 on Golf course road with easy access to the Gurgaon Rapid Metro.

A cosy, two-studio space, a well-equipped dedicated DJing studio coupled with a robust sound-treated production studio merges into one large space for workshops and larger gatherings in the future.

“Check out the gear…” Meet the Magnificent TeamEnduring Hardships and Rising AboveTraversing the Music Industry… and more… read the complete article online

A note from the Founders

“The music industry has taken a major hit during the pandemic, putting budding artists out of work and leaving the established no better. And yet, throughout the pandemic, we have all witnessed numerous online events and promotions done in aid of organisations, communities, and NGOs by artists and musicians from across the globe, including India, to help raise awareness or donations for a cause.

With no one to take care of them, musicians still find a way to contribute in whatever capacity they can, normally through free performances and even giving up sale proceeds of their music. These amazing selfless souls need our support to get back on their feet! Please support your local artists, buy music, and attend gigs whenever possible. But be safe when doing so!”




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