Learn to DJ professionally in the Pro DJ Course. The I Love Music Academy – Pro DJ course will teach you to DJ on Turntables, CDJ Players, and Digital DJ Software. Make a name for yourself and really stand out in the Pro DJ scene. Understand the business of music and gain the ability to perform in our Pro DJ Academy.

Pro DJ Course

Begin by selecting the skill you want to train yourself in.

Our Pro DJ Course will take you through a systematic learning progression with the best professional gear used as a standard in the Industry.

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Level: Beginners

  • Professional DJ Training
    (Practice included)
Music Production Course at Intermediate Level

Level: Begineer to Intermediate

  • Professional DJ Training
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Additional DJ Practice included

Who is A DJ?

A DJ is a music professional who has the skills to mix recorded music and play the same in a continuous seamless flow for an audience.

“DJ” is an acronym for Disc Jockey, where the term Disc represents a Vinyl Record, CD’s or Electronic storage medium where music is stored. Jockey stands for a professional who operates or works with specified equipment. Contrary to common Indian slang and belief, a DJ is not the sound system itself, a DJ plays on DJ equipment or better known as DJ decks. Decks can comprise of Turntables, CD players, DJ Mixers, Midi controllers, a laptop, and other such equipment. 

Described as a musician, performer, artist, and entertainer, the DJ is all of them and more; it is imperative to understand here that a Dj is a professional entertainer and in the business of entertainment through music. It is not a title but rather a job function and business in a highly competitive industry. A difference between an Amateur or Bedroom DJ and one who is a Professional DJ, is distinguished primarily by ability and place of performance. All Dj’s start out as the same and can go PRO if they make the effort and choose to do so. 


As one of India’s Best DJ Schools, at I Love Music we believe that the DJ is the musician of the future. These live performance artists must have a unique vision to take individual tracks and mix music into one organic, seamless flow. Dance music is a huge part of the music industry today, and the DJ takes center stage at all kinds of events—from clubs to fashion shows to live performances. As the business itself is developing, the avenues for DJing are quickly expanding. Choose to specialise in one part of the technique or the process as a whole, a professional DJ now has many potential avenues within this fresh and exciting music industry.

At the end of the Pro DJ course, successful DJ students can organize their own DJ events, perform and gain real-world experience or intern under a senior Dj professional. Speak to our admissions representatives about how you can maximize your learning with us and take advantage of practice time on the DJ console during the DJ course.

Are you a Bedroom DJ? ​

The Urban Dictionary describes bedroom DJ’s as :

“A person who owns Dj’ing equipment (ie. turntables, mixer, CDJ’s, etc.) and has a passion for music, but doesn’t play out to crowds at bars or special events (ie. raves). Instead, they opt to play their music at home for their friends or over the internet via audio broadcasting software…”

Who should attempt the DJ Course

Advantages of THE DJ Course

PRO DJ Certificate

Pro Dj Course


Learn the art of Dj’ing, from its roots on DJ Turntables to the progression of technology with CD players and finally electronic performance on Digital DJ software and its integration back to DJ decks.
This comprehensive DJ Course is the best DJ Training program available in India, conveniently located in Delhi NCR. Pro DJ Training covers all aspects of DJ-ing along with maximum exposure to all related DJ technology. Below are the subjects you will learn in the Pro DJ Course.

PRO DJ COURSE Curriculum

01. Introduction to DJ Concepts​

DJ Training – Foundation

  • Beat and Bars
  • Music genre
  • Mood of Music and Music Appreciation


DJ Course: Console Setup

  • Setting up a DJ Console
  • Wiring, Cables, Jacks and Routing
  • Connecting a Microphone and DJ Mic Etiquettes
  • Understanding sound systems & routing
  • Critical listening
  • Science of Sound

02. Professional DJ'ing

Pro DJ Course: Basics

  • Parts of a Turntable
  • Catching a beat
  • Beat matching
  • Introduction to CD players
  • Mixing 
  • Track Selection

Pro DJ Course: Intermediate

  • Creating a Set
  • Effects
  • Stabs & Chops
  • Sampling & Looping

Pro DJ Course: Advance 

  • Advanced Mixing Technics
  • Transitioning 
  • Playing back to back with other DJ’s
  • Marketing & Presentation

03. Digital DJ Concepts​

Digital DJ Setup

  • Setting up a Digital DJ Console
  • Sound Card & Laptop Connections 
  • Understanding Midi

Digital DJ Basics

  • Mixing with Software
  • RekordBox (Pioneer)
  • Traktor DJ (NI) 
  • Mixing in Key
  • Midi Devices & DJ Controllers
  • Integration of CD Players and Digital Djing

Speak to our representative for enrolment or Apply for this program here: 

Interested in learning Music Production with DJ-ing?



 Vinyl | Turntables

Learn Professional DJ at I Love Music Academy, India's Finest DJ Academy

Technics SL-1200

Learn to DJ on the original DJ console – the Turntable. Learning the right way, DJ training from the very basics.

  • Parts of a turntable.
  • Beat-matching by ear.
  • History of turntables and records.
  • Catching a beat.
  • Cue-ing.
  • Vinyl appreciation.


Learn to DJ on CD Players

Learn Music Production on Ableton Live and Logic Pro X, Professional DJ, and Audio Engineering at I Love Music Academy , India's Finest DJ Academy and Electronic Music School
Pioneer CDJ 900

After DJ classes on the Turntables, master the next set of essential tools used for DJ-ing, the CD players.

  • Parts/Components of CD Players
  • Beat-matching on CD players
  • EQ’ing
  • Set Construction
  • Parts of a Song

Advance your DJ Training with Technology, and learn even more advanced mixing skills.

  • Advanced Mixing techniques (Stabbing/Chopping).
  • Cabling/Routing.
  • Mixing Techniques.
  • Advanced FX Techniques.
Learn Music Production on Ableton Live and Logic Pro X, Professional DJ, and Audio Engineering at I Love Music Academy , India's Finest DJ Academy and Electronic Music School
Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus 2

Next, challenge yourself DJ skills with the features of the new Pioneer CDJ 2000 nexus 2.

  • Parts/Components of the 2000 nxs2.
  • Analysis using Rekordbox.
  • Features of the 2000 nxs2.
  • Digital DJ-ing with 2000 nxs2.


Learn to DJ on Digital / Software & Controller

Digital DJ-ing on Software

Learn how to mix and perform on DJ-ing software and MIDI devices as a Digital DJ! 

DJ Software allows Dj’s to go beyond what is physically possible for humans. This including working with multiple decks simultaneously as well as enhancements in performance via triggering effects, pre-set cue points, launching loops and clips, and so on.

Explore (NI) Traktor & (Pioneer) RekordBox along with DJ- Midi based devices as well as the use of CD players as controllers for performing with DJ Software as the final step in our DJ course.

Dj producer

DJ-Producer Certificate



Accelerate your growth in the music industry by combining the insights of our Professional DJ Course, with the  Music Production Program

Technology has revolutionised the way that music is made, viewed, performed and experienced. Music is now primarily digital, and every performer today benefits from mastering Technology. The tools of the trade are practically unlimited, with constant updates and upgrades. Of course, technology does not make the musician—it’s all about how you use it.
A DJ may well be the perfect musician of the 21st century, combining a mastery of mixing and track selection to set the tone and vibe of the dance floor. However, the most acclaimed Pro DJs of our time are no longer limited by a dance floor—their productions reach listeners across the world, bringing them a level of recognition that was previously unimaginable. They are the DJ-Producers, and you’ve heard their music before ever getting to see them play. Their productions play an essential role by serving as their calling card around the world.

If you are ready to start your journey with us, speak to an admission representative to register today and take the first step to a career in Music with the DJ Producer Certificate course as an advance program of our Pro DJ Course.

DJ Producer Curriculum

At the I Love Music DJ Academy, we’ve employed a systematic approach with the perfect blend of analog and digital technology to develop an artist. Our successful ‘Play–Produce–Perform’ methodology will enable students to rise to any challenge.

Below are the subjects included in the DJ Production Performance Course

optional addon

Students have the option of adding on the Ableton Push 2 device for performance* after the Music Production course

+ Ableton Push 2:
The Push 2 Device fully integrates with Ableton Live, students who lean in the DJ producer course are duly capable of performing using the Push 2 to trigger and enhance their performances. For those who play an instrument and want to take it a step further; performing electronically using a live instrument can avail our Electronic Performer add-on.

+ Electronic Performer (Optional Add-on Module):
Private one on one training to help you figure out the best way to present your productions as an electronic performance using the best tech.

Ableton logo

I Love Music Academy is proud to be the pioneer of Ableton Education in India.

What this means is that we were one of the First in the country to start teaching on Ableton Live, were Officially recognises for our efforts, expertise and training in Music Production on Ableton Live and significantly growing the Ableton community in India.

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Pro DJ Course students learn the following skills.

“Music has no boundaries, it is limited only by your ability and imagination.
Skill yourself to help yourself and let technology be your tools to give life to your creative abilities.”


PRO DJ COurse - Student Success

We encourage our Pro DJ Course students to seek out challenging assignments and make fame their goal for success. The journey to fame is through the quality of work and music that they release. Here we showcase some of our talented students, who have put their technical and music sensibilities out there and gained recognition though their assignments & music. We wish them all the fame and success and are proud to have been a part of their journey.

Turban Raga
Turban Raga

Bachitter Singh

Secular Chai | Aprajita SIngh DJ Student
Secular Chai

Aprajita Singh

differently-abled-dj | Varun Khullar | Dj Student

Varun Khullar

Hemant Wadhwani
Heamnt Wadhwani
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