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The capital is no stranger to the crafting of conquests and plotting of grand plans; today, it has morphed into a cradle of entrepreneurship, home to creative companies that shrug off conventions to pave their own paths, however long and winding they might be. Ranging from design studios, to street art movements, to curated holidays that are pet-friendly, these guys will offer you experiences you never even knew you wanted.
Read on to know the creative companies that have our curiosity piqued:

ILM (I Love Music) Academy: Play Produce, Perform 

35-year-old Nakul Vagale entered the music and entertainment business after five years working in hospitality and management; he has now been running one of India’s best-known electronic music schools, for the past 9 years.

Nakul wanted to strike out on his own, and with some help from his mother, who he describes as ‘an angel’, he linked up with a DJ friend of his who wanted to start a new project at the same time; together, they conceptualised the founding of an event and sound equipment rental company.

“I’ve realised that I’m good at interacting with people, and that I enjoy having organizational and management control,” Nakul reflects. “I always had the ambition to be self-made and self-employed. The company soon transformed into a DJ school, based on the need for skilled entertainers, which eventually morphed into the electronic music school it is currently.”

Today, he runs the ILM Academy with his brother Arjun, who he says is his backbone and support. “We make a wonderful team, and he has stood by me throughout my journey. It hasn’t been easy, but I sure am proud of what we’ve achieved and what we’ve been able to contribute to the field of music education. I Love Music Academy is India’s go-to music institution for electronic music production and performance, and it’s one of the leading electronic schools in the region.”

On what makes his company special
“Our team’s vision is to deliver quality music education in India at par with international standards, at a reasonable price. Our success in doing so comes down to our faculty members, who are passionate about sharing their knowledge, as much as they are about music itself.”

The Backdrop
A hotel management graduate from WGSHA, Manipal, Nakul started his career with work experience at hotels including Grand Hyatt, Adarsh, ITC and Shangri-la. He went on to work with his father as a hospitality consultant, and after gaining enough exposure in management and learning about business and finance, he decided to venture out on his own.

From a young entrepreneur who started from scratch, to running one of India’s best-known electronic music schools, he summarises the journey, “Dedication, hard work, motivation and a great support system, were the driving forces that helped me move forward.”

On other interests
“I always strive to better myself and increase my knowledge on various topics, as I have varied interests. Apart from work, my hobbies include playing the drums. I enjoyed music as a child, though never in my wildest dreams did I think I would run a music school! My brother Arjun Vagale always encouraged me to pursue my passion to play drums, which I still love doing. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands, and cooking is one of my passions. I like to grow my own vegetables — farming is a future ambition. Other interests are cartooning and doodling.”

On the most important lesson he’s learned while running the company
“Always keep learning: the more you learn, the more you grow. Also, always put family first. We encourage our team to always prioritize their families. My team and the core members of my organization are my biggest strengths.”

On a typical day in office
“Laptops, lots of music, work, and fun with the occasional bunch of youngsters with their minds being blown.”

On everybody’s favourite place to order lunch from
“Binge at Qutub Plaza, and plenty of tea from Chaayo’s.”

On the one unanimously-loved snack in the office
“Samosas and Crax.”

Who / what would your company mascot be?
“One of the most widely-used tools for producers and performers — the knob, otherwise known as a dial. This is the visual stamp of I Love Music and part of our logo.

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