Become an Ableton Certified Trainer, India 2020.

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Ableton Live is an artists platform for self-expression. It is meant to help creators and performers of music to express themselves and enhance their skills using technology. Ableton has just announced its 2nd round of Ableton Certification for “Ableton Certified Trainer” program in India. 

About the Ableton Live Certification:

Ableton itself does not provide any certification program to its users and no such certification program exists for Live. It is more important for musicians to practice the art and for producers to be able to use the platform to create music.

Ableton Workshop1

This event and certifications are limited to trainers of Ableton Live seeking recognition or Certification from Ableton itself. The Ableton Certified Trainer Program emphasises quality over quantity and only a select group of trainers and institutions in each geographical region receive certification.

The first round was conducted in December 2016 when applicants from across the nation applied. Only 8 were chosen to participate and get certified; which included I Love Music Academy Production Faculty (at the time): Puneesh Suri and Aryaman Agarwal (X-ILM DJ & Audio engineering student), who together currently run their own learning set-up in Delhi called the Live Room.

Sandunes ableton trainer
Image : Sandunes

Other Ableton Trainers who were certified in 2016 include: well-know Producer Performer Sanaya Ardeshir a.k.a Sandunes. Check out Searching for Sound: Listening to Bombay with Sandunes

Including more, Ashrith Baburao one part of Audio Units and co-owner Beatworks Bangalore; Aditya Balani (owner-GMI, Noida), Down Jones Phillip (DJP Media, Bangalore); Hozaifa Sayed (Trainer, SEAM-edu, Pune) and Krishnamurthy Ramesh (Artist, Chennai). 

Given the popularity of Ableton Live and its user growth since 2016, one would expect many more applicants this year. The Ableton Certification Program was launched in 2008, today Ableton has more than 280 professional educators in 53 countries offering multi-lingual instruction in 32 languages.

Ableton Live workshop New Delhi

I Love Music Academy has been continuously pushing the growth of the local Ableton user community and is one of India’s First Education Partner. You can read more this here: India’s First Education Partner.

Certification Process

In India, the Ableton Trainer Certification program is conducted in English only.
The Certification process is conducted in 3 stages, from application to final certification.

  1. Application
  2. Phone interview and invitation to the event
  3. Certification event

Tentatively the certification program is scheduled for June 2020, in Chennai.  


  • Knowing the Ableton platform and how to use it
  • Teaching and Presentation Skills
  • Proven Experience in theory and technical abilities as a musician.

Application Process:

To apply for the Trainer Certification program you will need:

  • Cover letter or Letter of motivation 
  • Professional CV highlighting your knowledge skill and experience
  • A video uptown 20 minutes of teaching Live or Push in English.
  • and finally, the lesson plan employed by the trainer to teach Ableton Live.

If you are interested in applying for the Ableton Certification program for trainers, get your application ready and submit the same by Friday, February 28, 2020 (Ableton’s official cutoff date).

Details on where to apply can be found on the Ableton official website: 

Have Questions?

If you have any questions you can catch up with Christian Schwanz at the Ableton user meet at Auro, New Delhi at the Ableton Live User Group meet on the 30th of January 2020.

Ableton Brand Specialist

Christian Schwanz aka CEE is Brand Specialist with Ableton. ‘With projects like Al-Haca and Bass Sekolah under his belt, Christian has always been at the global forefront of eclectic, electronic bass music.

Christian has been working with Ableton Live since 2003 and over the years has never lost his drive to teach the software. His approach is professional and loves sharing his passion for music.

christian schwanz




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