Now enhance your creativity at night! Working professionals – dont give up your day job or your weekends with the family.  To help you pursue your musical interests, I Love Music Academy has launched the DJ Night School.

DJ Night Classes


Get Skilled on the Decks like a Pro by Professional DJ’s. Train on Industry standard equipment from Turntables to CD players and further with Digital Dj’ing Software.

Now, Keep your day-job and your family weekends, while your pursue your dream!

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Course Details

1.5 Months
20 Sessions

Work by Day
Play by Night

Week-day Night-Class
7 PM onwards
Personalised Attention
(Learn individually)
Get it Right!
with Assisted Practice

Dj Night Course Structure

Live your passion for music by getting the best training from experts, who are passionate to share their knowledge and skill.  Learn to perform on Professional DJ consoles progressing with Technology. No other course will offer you the complete package and exposure to the equipment we do.

If you have busy days and busier weekends but want to pursue Dj’ing, the Night classes are for you.

The DJ NIGHT CLASSES follow the same curriculum as offered in our regular PRO DJ classes. Each session will teach you something new. 

Taught 1 on 1, giving personal attention to each student. 
A hands-on course, where Theory & Practical are taught simultaneously

Course Curriculum


  • Beat and Bars
  • Music genre
  • Mood of Music and Music Appreciation

DJ Setup

  • Setting up a DJ Console
  • Wiring, Cables, Jacks and Routing
  • Connecting a Microphone and Mic. Etiquette
  • Understanding Speakers
  • Critical listening
  • Science of Sound

DJ Basics

  • Parts of a Turntable
  • Catching a beat
  • Beat matching
  • Introduction to CD players
  • Mixing 
  • Track Selection

DJ Intermediate

  • Creating a Set
  • Effects
  • Stabs & Chops
  • Sampling & Looping

DJ Advance 

  • Advanced Mixing Technics
  • Transitioning 
  • Playing back to back with other DJ’s
  • Marketing & Presentation

Digital DJ Setup

  • Setting up a Digita DJ Console
  • Sound Card & Laptop Connections 
  • Understanding Midi

Digital DJ Basics

  • Mixing with Software
  • Rekord Box
  • Traktor 
  • Mixing in Key
  • Midi Devices & DJ Controllers
  • Integration of CD Players and Digital Djing

Key points

Course Fee:100,000 +GST

Offer Price: Call for details

Includes 20 Individual Sessions + Including (assisted) Practice

Private session = 45 minutes to 1 Hours

(Approx. depending on topic)

  • Individual sessions will be for 45 minutes up to 1 Hour depending on the topic covered.
  • We aren’t joking about the equipment, no course will offer you exposure to the equipment we do. Learn on Technics 1200 series Turntables, Pioneer CDJ&DJM 350 series DJ console,  Pioneer CDJ 2000 NXS 2 & DJM 900 NXS 2  DJ console. Pioneer Rekord Box file management and NI Traktor Digital DJing. 
  • This is a Fixed duration course by a Specialist Faculty.
  • Class schedule and timing are determined at registration and remain fixed for the duration of the course. 
  • Each session is unique and must be attended, no makeup classes are provided.
  • Dedication and Practice are required to keep up with the course schedule.  
  • Practice beyond the assisted classroom practice at the academy is provided at an additional charge.
  • Practice sessions at the academy are not assisted.
  • Assisted Practice sessions are chargeable at full rate, however, Faculty are available to help with doubts, based on prior information/appointment.
  • Private sessions beyond the 20 sessions are offered at an additional cost should you be unable to complete the course as per schedule. These sessions are subject to the availability of the Instructor.  
** Subject to T&C, speak with the administration for more details.

Practice Sessions after the course are chargeable  (unassisted)

₹ 15,000 for 10 hours


Practice Session during the course (unassisted):

₹ 10,000 for 10 hours


Additional Private Sessions 

1 Session @ ₹ 5,000

5 Sessions @ ₹ 24,000

Dj Faculty Nhilate
Nisheeth Rao (N*hilate)

Know your Trainer - Nisheeth (N*hilate)

N*hilate our  Dj Trainer is highly skilled and a smooth operator on the DJ console. An important trait of any good DJ is ones versatility with music genres and repertoire of N*hilate is well-know in the club circuits of Delhi.A keen ear for Rhythm he has an uncanny ability to read the mood of the crowd. With deep knowledge and an amazingly diverse taste in music styles, he effortlessly switches between genres taking his cues from the dance floor. Being one of the few Dj’s in the city who can hold his own in the genre, he has earned the title of the Disco King of Delhi in some circles.
X Fader Faculty pic
Manish Bhatt (X-Fader)

Know your Trainer - Manish Bhatt (X-Fader)

X-fader our Senior Dj Faculty is a highly skilled Turntablist, seasoned Hip hop DJ, and well know commercial DJ in Delhi NCR. With 23 years of experience in events, music, and entertainment, he has held residencies in a number of exclusive clubs both in the UK(mainly London) and India (New Delhi). As a radio Presenter, voice over artist and producer at Hit95FM as well as being a Tv presenter in the UK for B4U Music-UK and guest appearances on BBC 1Xtra radio- he brings with him a wealth of knowledge in Music. He released his first single that premiered on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Asia Network as well as 94.3 Radio One India which boosted his popularity. Recognition over the last decade by the Industry and peers nominated him for VH1 awards, My Fav Awards and Nightlife awards. His cheerful disposition and helpful nature ensures our students get the very best in DJ training as well as insights into the inner working of the industry.