Professional DJ-ing / Electronic Music Production

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Rated amongst the Top 3 DJ schools in India – Rolling stones (India)

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1-on-1 Pro DJ Course

Technics DJ Turntable at I Love Music Academy


DJ training from the very basics.
Learn to DJ on the original DJ console – the Turntable.

Pioneer CDJ 2000 NXS 2 at I Love Music Academy

CD Players

After DJ classes on the Turntables, master the next set of essential tools used for DJ-ing, the CD players.

Learn Music Production on Ableton Live and Logic Pro X, Professional DJ, and Audio Engineering at I Love Music Academy , India's Finest DJ Academy and Electronic Music School

Softwares & Controllers

Learn how to mix and perform on DJ-ing software and MIDI devices as a Digital DJ!

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Electronic Music Production (Group)

Music Production School Ableton India

Learn the DAW interface

An introduction to Ableton Live, learn how it works and what goes where.

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Ideate & Translate your ideas into a Track

Learn how to put down your musical ideas onto the DAW and make a scratch/sketch of your track 

Mastering in Audio Engineering Studio

The Production Process

Deep-dive into Music Production and make outstanding music.

Mixing and mastering your Music Production

Finishing your Tracks

Finalising the creative production process with Mixing and Mastering

View the entire course curriculum here  

Private 1-on-1
Pro DJ Course

Classes in January 2023 only
Private 1-o-1 Lessons
20 Hours
5 Weeks (Part Time Certificate Course)
Weekdays and Weekend Classes
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Limited time

Only 3 Slots Available

Only 3 out of 4 Slots are available on 1st Come 1st Serve. 

Block a Time slot by paying only 10% – the balance due before the session starts:

PAY ONLY 10% to block your seat

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Electronic Music Production (Group)

Classes in January 2023 only
Group Classes of up-to 4 students
24 sessions of 1.5 hours each
12 Weeks (Part Time Certificate Course)
Weekend Classes
  • Enrol for the Electronic Music Production course at up to 25% Off this Black Friday
Limited time

Only 4 Seats Available

 Class timing are 2:30PM to 4:00PM on Saturday and Sunday. Only 4 Seats are Available on 1st Come 1st Serve. 

Book one by paying only 5% now – balance payments can be made in 3 parts as post-dated-cheques:

PAY ONLY 5% to block your seat

All payments are non-refundable, non-transferable & will not be adjusted to any other purchase/fee payment. Limited to this offer only.

Alumni Takeover

Our students are playing at the most prestegius clubs, venues & events in the city.
The Junction
Yes Minister Cafe
The Junkyard Cafe
Summerhouse Cafe
Raasta , Green Park Delhi
Auro Kitchen & Bar, Aurbindo Market
Kitty Su


Most frequent questions and answers

DJ stands for “disc jockey.” A DJ plays music & does not create music himself or perform as a musician. Our course will teach you Beat-matching, Cue-ing & Mixing, the essential skills for any DJ. Starting off on the origins of DJ-ing, that is the Turntables, to progressing to CD players and other Software & hardware controllers, this course will hone all your skills to become a successful DJ. 

EMP Stands for Electronic Music Production. The course is targeted at Dance Music enthusiasts who want to produce dance music for release. The course starts from the basics and will teach you everything you need to know about Ableton Live (DAW) to use it to make music, including the basics of Music Theory as well as finish a track with Mixing and Mastering.  

  • Specialise in a certain type of music, such as Techno, Trance, Dubstep, pop or contemporary R&B and self-release or approach a label. 
  • Play music as a resident DJ at renowned clubs in cities.
  • Host or Headline parties, festivals & other events.
  • Get on the Radio! You can even join a Radio Station to host your own shows.
  • Air your own Podcasts and earn revenue through ads. 

Classes Starts from the 1st weekend of January – 7th 2023. 

The DJ Course is for 20 hours completed in a maximum of 5 weeks with Classes being held between 4:00PM-7:00PM on weekdays and weekends. Book a slot as per availability. Conducted as 1 on 1 Private Training.

Electronic Music Production Course  are group classes on weekends. There are 24 sessions of 1.5 Hours each with classes being held between 2:30PM-4:00PM on Saturday and Sunday only. Only 4 seats are available. 

Students can block their seats via the Enrol Now button given above, paying just a small percentage of the fee, and the balance fee is due before the classes start. 

For Music Production, payments can be paid 100% upfront or split into 3 equal instalments handed over as post-dated cheques at the time of enrolment. 

You can also request for our Banking Details for Online Transfers at 9971997798.

Please note 18% GST is additional as applicable for all Invoiced Fee.

The “Black Friday” Sale shall be available and valid only till 11:59 PM on the 25th of November, 2022. After the sale is over, the course will be available for the original course fee.

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