Author: G Force Arjun

Influenced heavily by sub-genres of rock such as thrash (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer) and progressive (Dream Theater, Alice In Chains) metal, he formed HASH – a progressive thrash metal band. They made their mark in the historically massive Pune rock scene. While in Chennai in 2004, he started work on “The Electric Sunshine Project” (ESP), a progressive musical concept experimenting with different styles. 2005 saw him move to New Delhi to work at the Red FM studios. His seven odd years at Red FM not only earned him 7 RAPA and PROMAX awards but also some serious recognition as a stalwart in the Radio Industry. His technological acumen coupled with his production skills helped him navigate mazes that are usually clouded by genre classifications.He’s been teaching students at various stages in his life. From basic education for underprivileged children, educating rural school students about new age technologies, conducting workshops on music production, audio engineering and the radio industry.As Head-faculty @ILM academy, Delhi-NCR, G”Force” Arjun directs the Electronic Music Production (EMP) and the Audio Engineering (AE) courses. He is also responsible for enhancing and reviewing the ongoing course, to ensure content is industry standard and constantly updated with the latest technology and trends in the Music industry. His invaluable experience in the performance, production and radio make him a guru by his own right.
Monkey babana gibbon -5


The last time I reviewed a set of studio monitors, they were the Monkey Banana Turbo 8 set. It was tough, but I’ve finally been able to stop smirking when I see the logo. Luckily for the brand, these monitors look good. Let’s find out how they stack up compared to other options in their range.

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