Author: Hemant Wadhwani

Music has been a gateway to our generation and something Hemant Wadhwani – (Co-founder of Sirius) is genuinely passionate about and have always been interested in doing a job that revolves around it. He is true a music enthusiast, and spends a significant amount of time attending and exploring various music gatherings and festivals. Though reared in a Hip-Hop & Psy-Trance atmosphere, his interest gradually shifted towards electronic underground / techno music scene. Passed out from one of India’s leading music school & academy >>> I Love Music – based in the capital of the country. He started DJ’ing in 2015 as a resident – in a nightclub in Delhi. A self professed story telling DJ – who is a Purveyor of deep, melodic dance grooves. Hemant Wadhwani is well versed with both the International and Domestic scene when it comes to Underground Dance Music. He is also a detail-oriented professional with strengths in event programming, planning & execution with several years of experience in the Industry.
ADE Hemant ILM

My First ADE experience was amazing – Hemant Wadhwani

It was a phenomenal experience! This experience has opened a lot many doors for me in the field of brand building & marketing – to come across the latest business ideas and trends. ADE helped me to get connected with many agents and record labels. It helped me build my network stronger and better for my coming future.

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